The idea for BE LAKE READY was born out of a personal experience when James finally moved to the Lake of the Ozarks full-time after years of being a weekender. As soon as he got moved in, maintenance issues became apparent. Smoke alarms are beeping all night so he can’t sleep, the A/C isn’t keeping up, the toilets are running, and the water heater fails to keep up and then develops a leak… all requiring his attention away from the lake he moved here to enjoy. The final straw was when he was out on his boat and the alternator locked up, breaking the belt and disabling the cooling system. As he was nursing his boat back to the dock on one engine, he said to himself,  “I’M NOT LAKE READY!” If he had been here just for the weekend to spend time with his family and friends – dealing with all this would have been devastating. That is when he realized he could fulfill a service for so many people here at the lake. Having grown up on Lake Geneva in Wisconsin, maintaining his own boats his whole life, and running his own business as a custom home builder, he realized that with his knowledge and expertise, he could save others the frustration of not being lake ready.

James has over 33 years of experience as a business owner and contractor handling everything from property maintenance to remodeling, asphalt and seal coating, landscaping and exterior maintenance, lawn care, excavation, infrastructure, snow and ice control, and more. As a home builder AND code inspector in Northern Illinois, he knows how to meet extremely intensive code requirements and building regulations. James has what it takes to ensure you have no worries and your lake home is turn-key. As a bonded and insured professional, he will treat your house with the same respect as his own.

As neighbors keep asking me to assess and repair their properties or watercraft, I thought why not share my knowledge and help everyone I can? With my level of experience, I know how to fill the need. It’s just my way of providing a sensible option for people who work hard and want a nonsense, no-stress getaway. I’m all about enjoying the lake life myself and want to make sure people who only have limited time to spend at the lake enjoy it to the fullest!



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